Project Overview

                        EMS Group website launched

                        Buffalo, NY

                        EMS Group

                        The EMS Group consists of four Western New York insurance agencies – Emerling, Floss, McMahon and Stahlka – that represent a carefully selected group of financially sound and reputable insurance providers. In addition to providing personal and commercial lines of insurance coverage, EMS Group also provides financial services and group benefit programs to individuals and businesses across the United States.

                        LAUNCH WEBSITE
                        EMS Group

                        The Objective

                        As a group consisting of four independent insurance agencies in Western New York with four independent websites, the EMS Group was looking for a clean, one-page landing website that showcased each agency and highlighted the partnership.

                        The Solution

                        The EMS Group consists of four independent insurance agencies that maintain their own independent websites. The new EMS Group website is a one-page landing website that features a fully-responsive design that has been optimized for smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The website's foundation is rooted in the latest version of Bootstrap – the most popular and preferred HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-optimized websites. The website is powered by Promerix Admin, our customized content management system featuring intuitive and easy to use features.

                        Services Provided

                        Responsive Web DesignContent Management SystemLanding Page OptimizationDedicated Website Hosting

                        Promerix eased us through the corporate website creation process seamlessly. Their team empathically listened to our comments, concerns, and questions as they guided us through every step of the process. Incredibly knowledgeable of the world of web services, our project manager was always happy to make suggestions on website-related topics open for debate. We recommend Promerix to anyone seeking creativity, innovation, promptness, and a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing product.

                        Paul S. Barone

                        President – Emerling Agency, EMS Group

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